We are the best in town house movers. 600 Movers pack all of your items properly and professionally. All of your loose items are packed securely into the boxes. If these loose items are crockery items, we will wrap them with bubble wraps and paper and will put them into the boxes quite professionally. Other than that, if you have hanging clothes, we do have wardrobe boxes for you and will pack your hanging clothes into the wardrobe boxes or hanger boxes. Similarly, your cushions, pillows, blankets and beddings are also packed securely into our 5-ply boxes.

 Apart from the loose items, 600 Movers have well trained and experienced carpenters for your furniture. They will dismantle the furniture which requires dismantling and the team will wrap each part of that separately in order to keep everything very safe. And the furniture that doesn’t need dismantling, will also be wrapped properly before moving.
Now, your valuable wall mountings and curtains are left. Guess what? 600 Movers have very professional handymen who have years of experience in drilling work. They will remove your curtains and wall mountings from your current place.

After completing the packing at your current place, the team will start to load the items into our trucks. But wait, here is a question. What kind of trucks do we use? And the answer is; we use 3-Ton closed body trucks to transport your items from one place to another securely and safely.

Once the items reach at your new house, the team moves all of the items into your new apartment/villa. While your items are being moved into your new place, the carpenter gets to its work and starts assembling the furniture which was dismantled at the previous house.

. On the other hand, the handyman starts the drilling work which includes the curtains fixing and mountings the frames, clocks etc. to the walls. Meanwhile, the team also starts unpacking the boxes, and arrange the items into your cabinets and closets. 

This also includes the arrangement of your crockery inside your kitchen as per your instructions. All of the furniture is fixed and arranged, all of the wall mountings and curtains are fixed and all of the required boxes are unpacked and arranged at your new house. Here is your new house, already arranged and sorted just as per your needs and instructions.

We always try our level best to offer the services which our valuable customers expect from us and we, at 600 Movers, always make our customer way more than happy with our professional moving services.